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Week 02: Jive

This week, Oti and Jonnie performed an AMAZING jive to Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry.

Craig: The kicks and flicks section was very good. Put more focus and energy into your arms. 6
Darcey: Wow! Strong you definitely have style. You are fabulous! 7
Shirley: Your kick and flicks were outstanding! 8
Bruno: If it looks good, it feels good. And trust me it looked good! 8

TOTAL = 29/40

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    Week 01: Waltz

    After a fantastic opening dance from the pros (#floatyOti!), Jonnie and Oti took to the floor for their very first dance, a waltz, to When I Need You by Luther Vandross.

    Craig: Your posture is letting you down at the moment, and hand shaping. Just two small things to work on but brilliant job. Really well done. 4
    Darcey: Well Jonnie, your timing, your control, how you execute each move is excellent. How attentive you are as a partner, the care you have is very touching. I would only love to see that feeling come out now with a character. You have all the discipline and the focus to go far, I just want a character coming out 5
    Shirley: I thought that was very endearing. You had some impressive moves in there, for example, the continuous pivoting, you actually stepped forward on your heel, you drove the step forward, I gave you an extra mark for that as it is a very difficult step to do. You actually drew your feet in very nicely together and attempted some nice rise and fall. Just keep your lady off to your right side so you get a bigger shape, but well done. 5
    Bruno: I was totally charmed by the Peacock. Very sweet, very loving. You conducted yourself very well. Try to becoming a different persona in each dance. You have to act a bit more.6

    TOTAL = 20/40


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